Why organic beauty products are better?

Why choose ecobio cosmetics?
You’re 100% natural. Why “nourish” your skin with silicones and parabens?

The truth is that choosing bio cosmetics is not a fashion. Not for those who have experienced the difference

Choosing natural cosmetics means becoming aware of what is really good for the skin. But not only that.

In our opinion, there are at least 5 reasons for using organic products. Ready to discover them?

1 – Skin absorbs kilograms of cosmetics per year

Our skin is waterproof. However, it allows up to 60% of the substances we put on the surface to penetrate. Do you know that it absorbs over two kilos of cosmetics per year? That’s why choosing non-threatening products is crucial.

The dangers to health, linked to the use of emulsifiers or preservatives derived from petrochemicals, are proven by scientific studies. For example, some compounds such as paraffin, vaseline or dimethicone are accused of being carcinogenic.

They can also interfere with endocrine function. In addition to not bringing any benefit to our skin, except to plug the pores, preventing it from breathing and generating blackheads.

2 – Natural cosmetics are safe and more effective

Organic cosmetics have (at least) a certification. Formulas are subject to strict controls to assess the concentration of active ingredients and the nature of the preservatives.

The certification bodies impose serious and strict protocols to protect our safety. An organic product, depending on the certification it obtains, contains at least 95% natural ingredients. Of these, at least 20% from organic farming.

Of course, no GMOs, silicones, petrolatum, etc. are allowed. If a product is certified you can trust it. There are also many brands. But if a cosmetic is certified, it has certainly reached high standards.

3 – Organic products are not aggressive and let the skin breathe

Rarely does an organic cosmetic cause allergies. But if it does cause allergies, you may be allergic to a natural substance it contains.

For example, in the Smart line of Màdara Cosmetics there is musk; used to retain moisture in the skin. But if you have any sensitivity to this element, the whole Smart line is not for you.

Organic cosmetics don’t hurt. Aggressive chemicals, on the other hand, can cause annoying irritation. Not to mention problems such as enlarged pores and blackheads, which come precisely because the skin does not breathe. If you want to know more, read: What does a cosmetic contain?

4 – Ecobio cosmetics are biodegradable and recyclable packaging

We can no longer neglect the environmental impact of our choices. In organic cosmetic products, the fat and active phases are composed of vegetable oils and natural extracts. All of them are biodegradable.

The packaging is also entirely recycled or recyclable. Once a substance ends up in the drain, we stop worrying about it. Purifiers do what they can, but what is not biodegradable will sooner or later return to what we consume.

5 – The choice of cosmetics is not just a matter of skin

Let’s face it. A cosmetic does not only take care of the aesthetic aspect. It also takes care of our self-esteem, as well as the image we give of ourselves.

It makes us feel better, more tidy, cared for and beautiful. We do not only take care of our beauty, but also of our well-being.

Being aware that we are doing this in a conscientious way makes us feel better and makes our gestures even more special.

Why choose organic cosmetics: your experience

I’ve been using organic cosmetics for about a couple of years. I am amazed by the change I noticed on my skin. Plus, I’m more aware of what I buy. And you, do you use bio cosmetics? What do you think of this choice? Write your experience to me in the comments!

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