Why Glitter Eyeshadows dangerous for the environment

The marine environment is also at risk because of the tricks: some glitter eyeshadows are made with microplastics that end up in the sea and are mistaken for food by the fish.

Some cosmetic products that, especially women, use are dangerous for the environment. It has long been known that some exfoliating products for the face, in fact, are made with tiny plastic beads that do not degrade and that end up in the sea, killing many fish. In 2015 these substances were banned and cosmetic companies no longer use them, but today it turns out that even some of the eyeshadows we use can damage the environment in which we live.

Also in the eyeshadows with the glitter, in fact, there are microplastics which end up in the rivers, lakes and oceans, where they accumulate and then are mistaken for food by fishes and molluscs. It’s a chain that ends up damaging ourselves as smaller fish eat plastic; in turn they are eaten by larger fish that we humans eat and cook. Plastic glitter eyeshadows included.

The problem seems to be in the eyeshadows with the glitter that are made by a process very harmful to the environment. Obviously, this is only a small problem compared to that of plastic waste abandoned on the beaches, but, we know, we start from ourselves to be able to improve and care more for the environment around us.

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