Makeup, it’s organic trend. That’s why choose it

After the natural creams, now it’s time to make up: the new watchword ‘organic’. Many certified natural skin care brands are also opening up on the make-up front, in the face of growing demand. It happens with Weleda, for example, which launched lipsticks a month ago, and with many others. There are brands known as BareMinerals, with foundation powder, there is Dr Hauschka’s organic mascara with rose petal wax to protect the lashes and black tea extract to soothe the delicate area of the face. Tata Harper, one of the most appreciated American brands in the world of organic beauty, is creating a make up line alongside tonic, cream, masks and the entire skin care range that has a large number of fans in the USA. Here’s what one of the most appreciated beauty artists in this sector, the Danish Kirstin Kjaer Weis, a New Yorker by adoption and guest of beautyaholicshop, the Italian company that for some years now chooses and sells (with e-commerce and now also with a monobrand in the center of Rome) only natural and organic products, collecting the best of Italian and international production, told us about the trend. He began to ‘convert’ to the workforce after many people, famous or not, arrived in his studio with irritated skin problems. His curiosity and his work led him to other products, without chemistry, until he founded his line with the ambitious and unexpected mission of creating natural and organic cosmetics of high quality and hold (the latter at the moment the ‘flaw’ of organic beauty).

Even in Italy, organic makeup is making its mark Why are skin and organic makeup the best choice? “Organic is a better choice because it is the purest possible product. It is less irritating to the skin, simply because there are no synthetic ingredients or chemicals in the products. It is the equivalent of eating a ‘normal’ apple and an organic apple. Both apples are good but the organic is even better because it is not grown with anything artificial. Also, because the substances penetrate the whole body from the skin, it is really better to try to stay away from synthetic ingredients.

The three basic steps of the daily routine areā€¦ “The first step for me is always the perfect skin. I am a big fan of oils and I like to prepare my skin with our Beautiful Oil. You can use it alone or as a foundation base, it’s an incredible moisturizer for the skin. The next step is definitely to curve your lashes. Inevitably it opens your eyes and makes you look awake. Third step: use the blush, I prefer the cream one and I suggest to apply it not under the cheekbone towards the lips but simply round on the cheeks. It gives you a healthy air immediately, despite not creating shadows to sculpt the face.

What can’t be missing in daily makeup? “The foundation, an invisible film on the skin that evens out imperfections and becomes a perfect canvas for any makeup, whether you just put on a veil of lipstick or do a complete makeup with the smoky eye.

We’re talking about facial oil, recently an obsession for beauty addicts. What does an organic oil contain? “Beautiful Oil is a blend of high quality organic oils, including hemp oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and very refined olive oil. Together these oils offer an incredible amount of moisture to the skin along with anti-aging properties. In the formula I also included a very special ingredient called dioscorera batatas, comes from biodynamic agriculture, according to the principles of the founder, the philosopher Rudolf Steiner. It is known as the “root of light” and has this unique ability to tune in exactly what the skin needs and ultimately leaves you with a wonderful sense of well-being.

Back to make up, what are the colors that everyone can use? And which one is your favourite? “Personally, I think a pink cheek is good for everyone. It’s a shade that immediately brightens up your face and will make you look refreshed. It also gives a nice look to your eyes.

What is for Kirstin Kjaer Weiss the link between beauty and makeup? “Beauty is really something deep, it reflects the personality and kindness of a human being. Of course, beauty also speaks to physical aesthetics and makeup has an enormous value in enhancing the beauty of each one. However, no trick can really embellish a clumsy personality, so I really believe that beauty starts inside.

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