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Beauty Notes: Organic Shampoo from The Victorian Garden 美麗日記:來自Victoria Garden的有機洗髮劑

April 23, 2016 by根據 Angela Wong
detox hair haircare healthy natural organic rosemary shampoo

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Food Detox / Detox Your Body With Food 食療排毒能量早餐

April 14, 2016 by根據 Angela Wong
detox diet energy food detox healthy oat organic recipe

For a simple detox recipe, try this for breakfast! It has good proteins, fats and carbs to energize your day.

- 1 cup rolled oats. (soaked overnight to help digestion of the fibers in this carb)

- 3 tablespoon Chia seeds (soaked overnight with the oats)

- 1 cup non-dairy milk (use to soak oats and chia seeds. Examples of non-dairy milk are almond, rice, cashew or oat milk)

可以試試以下一個排毒食譜,簡簡單單的早餐就可給予充足蛋白質、脂肪及碳水化合物,令您一整日精神百倍。 - 1杯 麥片(浸泡過夜,幫助纖維更易被吸收) - 3 湯匙 奇異籽 (與麥片一起浸泡過夜) - 1 杯 非乳製奶(用來浸泡麥片和奇異籽。例子有杏仁奶、米奶、腰果奶或麥奶)
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Shampoo and Conditioners: Detox your hair 洗髮水及護髮素:為頭髮排毒

April 11, 2016 by根據 Angela Wong
conditioner detox hair healthy natural organic sensitive shampoo skincare soap spring spring cleaning

Hair plays a large part of how we look and feel about ourselves, so why not take care of it? Being healthy, using clean products and detoxing applies to hair too – especially in humid environments that require lots of hair care!

*For those who are switching from commercial to organic shampoos, please note that hair detox can take up to 2 to 3 weeks, so be patient! Some people will experience greasy hair as they detox - we promise it’s worth the wait for naturally light, shiny, bouncy hair.



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My hair detox experience aka How To Get Bouncy, Shiny Hair in Hong Kong humidity 頭髮排毒日誌:如何在香港潮濕天氣中保持輕盈亮澤的頭髮

April 11, 2016 by根據 Angela Wong
Bouncy Hair conditioner detox frizzy hair hair hair type healthy humidity natural organic shampoo silicone soap spring spring cleaning

The sultry HK humidity is starting to settle in. Although I adore warm weather, the humidity and heat presents new skin and hair challenges: flat / frizzy hair, heat rash, clogged pores, bug bites, sun burnt skin…I could go on and on.

I’ve testing some new products in preparation for summer and will be blogging the results here. Here are my results from regular to organic shampoo and conditioner, which was the most (happily!) dramatic. Let me just say, I would really recommend anyone who hasn’t tried organic hair products to have a go at it. You won’t regret it!






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Spring Cleaning 假日大掃除

April 09, 2016 by根據 Angela Wong
air purifier allergy cleaning detox healthy household natural organic sensitive skincare soap soapnut spring spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Thoroughly cleaning a household down to the smallest corners, organizing or re-organizing spaces , and throwing away accumulated junk or items no longer in use. Traditionally done in spring time in colder climates.

It’s time for spring cleaning! It’s not really our idea of fun, but it does bring a certain amount of satisfaction. For some, it’s a cathartic task that mentally reset our minds. For those of us with allergies…it brings itching and rash and endless sneezing. To help, here are our best methods to mitigate Spring Cleaning allergies!



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Spring Cleaning: How to detox your skin? 春季大掃除:如何幫助皮膚排毒?

April 06, 2016 by根據 Angela Wong
antioxidant cleaning detox healthy household organic skincare soap spring spring cleaning vitamin

Spring Cleaning: How to detox your skin?

Bluntly put, the best skin detox is daily usage of organic and natural skincare. Nothing else really beats it as most conventional products put toxins onto your skin and gets absorbed into your body. That being said, here are our picks of products and ingredients to include in your daily cleaning/detox routine!



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