Is your skin getting getting dry and flaky this winter? Give your face a break from this crazy Hong Kong weather at night with the Dream Cream Night Moisturizer!



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Why is this my favourite night cream? So many reasons!

1. It’s a heavy duty night moisturizer for sensitive skin that doesn’t feel heavy.

2. Non-irritating. Aside from the soothing silky smelling cream, it has some of the most effective ingredients without irritating my sensitive skin. Oils high in antioxidants and vitamin E ensures it doesn’t give me oil bumps or pimples.

3. Anti-aging. Dream Cream contains hyaluronic acid, a natural component that stimulates collagen and helps slow signs of aging.

4. It smells good! Soothing and silky natural ingredients make a yummy smelling cream.

5. Relaxing. Ingredients such as calendula extract and lavender essential oil promote a calm and restful sleep.



1. 強效保濕:適合敏感肌的晚霜,潤而不膩

2. 抗敏配方:不但帶有清新香味,而且成份功效顯著又不會刺激敏感肌膚。蘊含豐富抗氧化因子和維他命E的油份保證不會引致油脂分泌過盛或暗瘡滋生

3. 對抗衰老:含天然的透明質酸,能促進骨膠原再生,對抗肌膚老化問題

4. 香氣撲鼻:成份天然,氣味清新怡人

5. 幫助放鬆:內含金盞花萃取、薰衣草精油等成分,能幫助睡眠

organic skincare sensitive skin hong kong dream cream sally b skin yummies

To give my skin the ultimate repair job, after cleaning my face, I would first use my favorite serum or facial oil if it's really dry. Then mix a scoop of Antioxidant Skin Boost Powder with the Dream Cream and put that on top of that to keep the serum/oil trapped to my face to maximize moisture retention.