organic skincare sensitive skin hong kong valentines day indulgence

We love Valentine’s Day! It’s a great day to show appreciation for lovers, but also anyone we love – friends, family and ourselves.

Of course, being organic doesn’t mean we can’t indulge the same way, so here’s Our 2016 Organic Valentine’s Day luxury: A fragrant sensual bath and moisturizing massage

使用有機產品亦可以盡情體驗奢華,不妨試試我們介紹的2016 情人節精選有機奢華套裝:芬芳撲鼻的沐浴產品和保濕潤澤的身體護理產品。

organic skincare sensitive skin hong kong argan soap

Fragrant Bath time: Kahina Rosemary Lavender Argan Soap
Kahina’s rosemary lavender argan soap is a gentle cleanser and exfoliator with a calming, soothing scent. A base blend of moisture-rich Argan, Olive and Coconut oils cleanse and clarify without drying out the skin. The sweet scented rosemary stimulates circulation and exfoliates while lavender soothes the body and spirit. Step out of your bathroom feeling smoother and softer than when you stepped in.




organic skincare sensitive skin hong kong valentine's day

Sensual Moisturizing Massage: Kahina Body Serum
Kahina Body Serums are our favourite skin indulgence. Ultra hydrating, non greasy, and gorgeous scents that we can relax into. There are two differently scented body serums, one for each mood or preference!
The body serums have the same foundation ingredients, so both are moisturizing without being heavy and can be used in any weather. 

Argan, sunflower, olive, coconut, and watermelon seed oil make up the base. The main ingredient is Argan oil, which Kahina is famous for.
Argan helps with elasticity and smooth, wrinkle free skin. It has high amounts of Vitamin E to help with scarring and is anti-inflammatory to calm skin irritation or redness. Sunflower, olive, coconut and watermelon seed oil all contain vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids to nourish the skin, while coconut and watermelon seed oil are known to help skin detoxify by dissolving oil and dirt in your skin.



Kahina身體護理精華是呵護肌膚的首選,強效保濕、清爽不油膩之餘,又帶有陣陣怡人清香,幫助放鬆。共有兩款精華,可按自己喜好及心情選用。 兩款精華主要成份一樣,包括堅果油、葵花油、橄欖油、椰子油及西瓜籽油,清爽補濕,可於任何天氣使用。當中堅果油為Kahina產品的皇牌成份,不但令肌膚嫩滑無瑕、富有彈性,更蘊含豐富維他命E,有助改善疤痕、抗炎並舒緩皮膚敏感紅癢。葵花油、橄欖油、椰子油及西瓜籽油均含有維他命、礦物質及必需脂肪酸滋潤肌膚,而椰子油及西瓜籽油更有助皮膚排毒,排走油份及污垢。


FEZ Body Serum
We think Rockandsalts says it best about Fez’s sandalwood and patchouli laden scent. It encapsulates “a sultry date night scent”. “Pure sandalwood is one of the most expensive and luxurious oils available and is often reserved for high quality perfumes and aromatherapy blends. It has a fragrant woodsy sweetness and known to be an excellent mood uplifter, comforter and aphrodisiac.”


FEZ 身體護理精華


Sophisticated floral notes with a hint of the exotic, this is for the those who prefer an ethereal seduction. Rose, lavender, herbaceous geranium and woodsy sandalwood provide a soft floral scent while petitgrain lifts and brightens. We love this lighter scent for spring and summer.