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The weather in Hong Kong this winter has been really strange. The summer heat lasted until December (Annie hated it sooo much) and winter has been very mild, oscillating between dry and humid.

On the bright side, my skin has not been as dry as previous winters, and not having dry skin is one of the most important ways to prevent eczema and rash!

The downside is that I had no idea what products to use on a day-to-day basis! :(

So I did some experimenting and here’s what works:



www.ltilhk.com sensitive skin organic


I have combination skin, so in the summers I use Sally B Peptide Serum and Oasis Sunblock during the day, and Argan Oil only at night. That’s because it’s too heavy for daytime, making me break out!
In past winters, I’ve used Argan Oil for both day and night, but this winter I started breaking out in pimples on my forehead and nose as it was too moisturizing.

So now I stick to my summer regime, only adding a very small amount of Argan Oil on my dry spots (around my lower cheek area) during the day.



我的皮膚屬於混合性,在夏季時,日間我會使用 Sally B 胜肽精華液及 Oasis 防曬霜,夜晚則使用摩洛哥堅果油。但因為堅果油太滋潤了,如果在日間使用它,我的皮膚反而會出疹。


www.ltilhk.com sensitive skin organic


I have to moisturize my arms and legs even during the summers to prevent eczema and ashy-looking dry skin. In the winter I have to step it up even more, moisturizing with either Argan Oil or Fez Body Oil (smells super yummy!). Argan Oil is anti-inflammatory, absorbs quickly, and moisturizing. The Fez Body Oil is a winter oil that works very well on dry skin.

. It’s best to do it right after a shower, but I tend to only remember when watching TV before bedtime…oh well, better late than never!



冬季更會加重份量使用摩洛哥堅果油或 Fez 身體滋養油(聞起來超級芳香!)滋潤手臂及腳部。摩洛哥堅果油具有抗炎及保濕功效,且能被肌膚快速吸收。Fez 身體滋養油,是合適冬季的滋養油,可對乾燥的肌膚帶來極大的功效。塗抹時間最好能在沐浴後最為吸收,但我傾向在就寢時看電視時,才記得要塗抹。但是,晚做總比不做好!

www.ltilhk.com sensitive skin organic


My hands gets dry and chapped very easily in the winter, and it’s embarrassing when I have to shake people’s hands for work. It’s also more prone to cuts and eczema.

I keep a jar of unscented Hand Butter on my desk so I can moisturize after I wash my hands. This is thicker than most hand creams, with lots of Kokum and shea butter, so it works even on very rough skin. It's much more effective to moisturize a little bit throughout the day, then to do it when they are already chapped.



在冬季時,我的雙手很容易乾燥龜裂,每次我在工作時與別人 握手都會覺得尷尬。更麻煩是,乾燥天氣令雙手更易裂開及出疹,所以我將一瓶無香味的Sally B's 潤手霜放在辦公桌上,以便我能在洗手後就塗上。相比於多數護手霜,它的粘稠度較高,因為含豐富燭果及乳木果油,所以它可為非常粗糙的肌膚帶來極大的功效。如果你雙手好似我一樣非常粗糙/乾燥,與其等到肌膚破裂了才塗抹潤手霜,不如每日多塗少量的潤手霜,這樣效果會更加有效。


 www.ltilhk.com sensitive skin organic


My father complained about being very itchy this strange winter, as his usual creams and oils were not helping. This problem is very common with both older people and people with dry, sensitive skin.
For both these groups, the epidermis and dermis is thinner and flatter and the skin has a decreased ability to retain moisture. Our dead skin also sheds more slowly, which can cause itchiness and rash.

If your skin is not broken, try using a mild exfoliate like the Athenia Home Spa before you shower, mix it with coconut oil instead of water for extra moisture. It will get rid of the top layer of dead skin, and when you moisturize, you will actually be moisturizing the new skin underneath.




倘若你的肌膚未乾裂,嘗試在沐浴前使用溫和的去角質產品,例如 Athenia 居家水療品,將其與椰子油(而不是水)混合,以獲取更深層的滋潤效果。這做法能祛除死皮表層,在你滋潤肌膚時,實際上同時滋潤下方的新皮層。


www.ltilhk.com sensitive skin organic

Things To Remember This Winter

• Resist the urge in stay in the hot shower for too long! It strips your skin of its natural oils and makes it even more dry and prone to eczema and other skin issues!!
• Avoid any topical skincare and cleansers containing alcohol or fragrance, as they can dry up and irritate sensitive skin
• Wearing loose clothing and avoiding wool fabrics can help reduce skin irritation