Head-to-toe convenience for the naturally fabulous: A How To

1. Radiant Facial Cleanser (use for face and body)

For use on face: Wet your face, work the cleanser into a luxurious, bubbly lather, and massage gently onto your face and neck. Leave the cleanser on for two minutes before rinsing for best results. Pat dry and moisturize skin after cleansing.

For use on body: Wet your body, work the cleanser into a bubbly lather and apply all over your body. Pat dry and moisturize skin after cleansing.

Store in a cool, dry place as soap will dissolve when left in water.

*note: Malaysia/SG doesn't have organic certs. Biconi noni is grown on their family farm with no pesticides and coconuts are harvested wild
1. 亮麗肌膚洗面皂


為達至最佳效果,先靜待兩分鐘後才用溫水沖洗。輕拍至乾爽後再用100% 純有機堅果油保濕。每天使用兩次,效果更佳。

身体使用方法:先沾濕身体, 用潔面皂搓至起泡後,輕輕按摩至身体。 用溫水沖洗。


2. Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo

To use: Wet hair. Work solid shampoo bar into a bubbly later and massage into scalp and hair. For best results, leave shampoo in hair for a few minutes before rinsing off. If you have long or dry hair, follow up with conditioner.
2. 秀髮再生洗髮皂



3. Argan oil

To use on face and body: A little goes a long way. Apply 3-6 drops (depending on how dry you are) to face and neck after cleansing at night. Apply day and night if you have dry skin or are in dry environments.

To use on hair: Use a few drops on the bottom of your hair to restore shine and relieve frizz.
3. 100%純有機堅果油

每次3至6滴,早上潔膚後塗於面上。如果皮膚幹, 早晚潔膚後塗於。


4. Healing Hand Butter

To use: Full of luscious oils, rich butters and natural botanicals, you only need a small amount to massage into hands. It can also be on any dry patches on your body or legs.
4. 修復護手霜



Wishing you all a healthy, food-filled Merry Christmas!