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Angela Wong, the founder of LTILHK, sat down for a chat with contributor Hannah Leung.

A banker in my former life,I often found myself stressed and in serious need of sleep, common in a city like Hong Kong that knows no 9 to 5. I was pulling long hours, until literally, one day, I pulled something.

There was excruciating and debilitating pain down my back to the bottom of my feet. After getting it checked out, I realized that I had a slipped disc in three places: two on my neck and one on my lower back.

By doctor’s orders (which wasn’t that hard to follow as I could barely get out of bed by myself) I was required to stay on bed rest for a while.

This prompted my decision to quit my stable — but highly stressful — bank job. I then decided to do something very out of my character of regime and routine; in 2012 I moved to Tuscany for two and half months.

My time in Tuscany was a revitalizing and therapeutic time, as cliche as such getaway vacations may sound! I lived on the Vineyard and feasted on fresh, delicious foods. I drank a glass of red wine every single day (hey — it’s healthy) while taking long walks. It was a refreshing and unwinding time for my mind and body.

While I was in Tuscany, it also happened that I ran out of skincare products. I’ve always had eczema prone skin and blemishes — in my family, we run the full gamut of allergies, i.e. one of my sisters is allergic to all fruit! — and consequently, I’ve always been cautious about what I put on my skin.

As it gets extremely dry in the summer in Tuscany, my desperation was running high. The people at the Vineyard recommended that I moisturize using organic olive oil on my face and body.They also suggested that I mix this with mud from the bottom of the lake for a face mask.

The result of this makeshift moisturizing routine? After daily application, the previous allergies and eczema that plagued my skin were gone. My skin became soft, glowing and dewy, the best its ever been, and it took less time and effort to maintain! As a life-long skin fanatic, this was akin to stumbling upon the Holy Grail.


LTILHK創辦人Angela Wong 今天特別與投稿人Hannah Leung談談心路歷程




之後,我辭去穩定但十分高壓的銀行工。然後決定做一件以前從未想過的事 - 2012年我搬到意大利托斯卡納去,在那裡住了兩個半月。

在托斯卡納的日子實在獲益良多,不但可調理身體,更能治癒心靈。我住在葡萄園裡,每天散步時都會喝一杯紅酒 ,滋潤身心。




www.ltilhk.com organic skincare hong kong
Breathing in the fresh air…


This was when I discovered the value of organic products, and the variations within these products. And that’s how Little Things in Life HK was born.

Soft, glowing, clear skin shouldn’t be a luxury only found in the Italian countryside. Between our fast-paced work and families, there’s enough to think about without having to worry about the little things in life, like skin care.


我親身感受到有機產品的好處,喜歡研究這些有機物質多元的配搭,也造就了Little Things in Life HK的誕生。



www.ltilhk.com organic skincare

Together with my business partner and sister, we at LTILHK scour the globe for small boutique organic skin care products best suited to deal with Hong Kong’s harsh environments. With the help of our allergies-ridden, brutally honest family and friends, we personally test every single one, so you don’t have to.

Because at the end of the day, life should be that simple.

(And in case you were wondering, the answer is yes, I considered staying in Tuscany — wouldn’t you? — to reap the benefits of the pure, fresh countryside, but my family, work and life is in Hong Kong. And I’m a city girl at heart!


我和我同為生意伙伴的妹妹,搜羅世界各地精緻小巧的有機護膚品,希望把適合香港人膚質的產品帶回LTIL HK。多得我們家族的「敏感血統」,加上家人朋友的意見,我們親自試用過每件產品,所以你們可以安心使用!