Food for thought: the foods you eat are the ingredients your skin will use. If your skin acting up, adding these foods to your diet can help!

- Water:The prescribed 8 cups of water a day is equal to 2 liters. How are you measuring up?

- Healthy proteins:replace your meat based protein with vegetable protein such as legumes, lentils, chia seeds, quinoa, and eggs.

- Garlic:Help kill off any bacteria your body might be fighting

- Healthy fats:use olive oil for salad dressing, nuts and seeds for snacking.

- Unprocessed carbs:brown rice - whole grains regulate blood sugar, which helps skin flare ups

- Dark Berries: contain antioxidants and lots of fiber to help clear skin.

- Greens.Some are healthier raw and others cooked. Either way, more vegetables lead to better health and better skin

- Spices.Cinnamon and Tumeric are both great for anti-inflammation and sugar regulation.

- Probiotics.A healthy gut means clear skin - whether it’s acne, itchiness, or allergy inflammation. To get more probiotics in diet, eat fermented foods such as yoghurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles, and miso soup. Kefir and kombucha are also chock full of probiotics.

In contrast, avoiding these foods will help clear your skin:

- Dairy

- Animal fat (especially red meat and pork)

- Processed sugar

- Alcohol

- Spicy food

- Caffeine

- Nicotine

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For a simple detox recipe, try this for breakfast! It has good proteins, fats and carbs to energize your day.

- 1 cup rolled oats. (soaked overnight to help digestion of the fibers in this carb)

- 3 tablespoon Chia seeds (soaked overnight with the oats)

- 1 cup non-dairy milk (use to soak oats and chia seeds. Examples of non-dairy milk are almond, rice, cashew or oat milk)


- Strawberries and blueberries

- Any combination of raw almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds


- 1 Tablespoon coconut oil (a source of healthy fats, helps keep you fuller longer)

- 1 teaspoon cinnamon (to help with inflammation, bloating and sugar metabolism)

- 1 teaspoon tumeric (same as cinnamon, including preventing blood clots)


If your skin is constantly inflamed and itchy, and you’re using all organic and natural skincare, makeup, haircare, and household products, then you might want to consider a diet change.

Speaking from experience, it sucks. It sucks, but ultimately it’s worth it not just for your skin, but also for your health. It could even give you more energy as your body has less allergens to fight! There are many diets that could work, depending on what result you need. Click here to see the different detox diet changes that could help!

Gluten free diet

Dairy free diet

Low Glucose Index diet

Antihistamine diet

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- 健康的蛋白質:多以植物蛋白質取代固有的肉類蛋白質,例如豆類、小扁豆、奇異籽、藜麥及雞蛋等。

- 蒜:可以幫助殺死身體內的細菌

- 健康的脂肪:吃沙律時可配橄欖油,零食可選果仁和瓜籽等。

- 未經加工的碳水化合物:糙米 - 全穀物有助平衡血糖,令皮膚更容光煥發

- 深色果莓:含抗氧化因子及豐富纖維,潔淨皮膚

- 綠色蔬果:有些蔬果生吃較健康,有些熟吃比較好,但概括來說多吃蔬果都會令身體及皮膚更加健康。

- 香料:肉桂和薑黃均有抗炎及平衡糖分的功效

- 益生菌:腸道健康能改善皮膚 – 不論是暗瘡、痕癢或敏感發炎。可多吃乳酪、泡菜、德國酸菜、酸瓜和麵豉湯等發酵食物,吸收更多益生菌。Kefir奶酒和康普茶也是很好的選擇。


- 乳類製品

- 動物脂肪(特別是紅肉和豬肉)

- 經加工的糖

- 酒類

- 辣味食物

- 咖啡因

- 尼古丁


- 1杯 麥片(浸泡過夜,幫助纖維更易被吸收)

- 3 湯匙 奇異籽 (與麥片一起浸泡過夜)

- 1 杯 非乳製奶(用來浸泡麥片和奇異籽。例子有杏仁奶、米奶、腰果奶或麥奶)


- 士多啤梨及藍莓

- 自由配搭生杏仁、腰果、葵花籽、大麻籽


- 1 湯匙 椰子油(提供健康脂肪,更添飽肚感)

- 1 茶匙 肉桂(幫助改善發炎症狀、肚賬及糖分代謝)

- 1 茶匙 薑黃(與肉桂一樣,同時亦可防止凝血)








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