The sultry HK humidity is starting to settle in. Although I adore warm weather, the humidity and heat presents new skin and hair challenges: flat / frizzy hair, heat rash, clogged pores, bug bites, sun burnt skin…I could go on and on.

(so inspired, I made a drawing!)

I’ve testing some new products in preparation for summer and will be blogging the results here. Here are my results from regular to organic shampoo and conditioner, which was the most (happily!) dramatic. Let me just say, I would really recommend anyone who hasn’t tried organic hair products to have a go at it. You won’t regret it!

Panel of Testers

I have long extremely thin / fine hair and an oily scalp. When I tie my hair into a bun it is the size of a蝦餃(shrimp dumpling)and if I don’t wash my hair every day, it looks like I poured a vat of oil on the top of my head. It’s seriously sexy. I used to look for “oil-reducing” or “super volumizing” shampoos, which does help a bit at first but over time they’ll actually weigh down your hair and cause long-term damage.

Hair Detox:


People have “hair detox” when they first switch from regular to organic hair products. This is because the regular stuff contains some harsh chemicals and silicone derivatives which basically coats your hair in plastic, hence the weighing down and long-term damage I mentioned earlier. Detox makes your hair feel dry and tangled for around one to two weeks.


Everyone will have different reactions to the detoxing process. have fine hair and got the full onslaught! My hair felt like a field of dried grass for a solid 10 days. My god sister says she was greasy for 3 weeks. On the other hand, my friends and sisters with thicker hair didn’t suffer any detox effects at all!

However, the results made it all worth it!!

Result: Bouncy, Shiny Hair!

It was absolutely worth waiting out the detox! My hair is so much bouncier and my scalp doesn’t get oily as quickly even in this humidity. Instead of getting oily within 24 hours, my hair can last about 1.5 days now, 2 when it’s less humid.

Detox Tips:

If your hair gets dry, leave your organic conditioner or hair mask on for a bit longer to keep your hair manageable. I used the Burdock and Neem healthy scalp conditioner every few days to keep it from knotting up too much.

To speed up the process (only if you have used a lot of synthetic products in the past, because if you haven’t, this might dry out your hair), soak your hair a couple times in a combination of 1 cup of sea salt, 1 cup of apple cider vinegar and 2 cups bicarbonate of soda.

One Month Later…Thin, Limp and Oily No More!

I’m now alternating between the Rosemary & Lime Herbal shampoo and the Wild Basil and Rooibos shampoo. To deal with any split ends, I use the Burdock & Neem Healthy Scalp Conditioner on a daily basis at the tips of my hair. But what works for me obviously might not work for you. Find your hair type below.

Best Organic Shampoo + Conditioner For Your Hair Type

- Normal Hair

Fragrance wise, the Rosemary & Lime Herbal shampoo and Burdock and Neem。were my favorites. Fresh, mild and cleansing, the shampoo is good for gently extracting dirt, while the conditioner contains burdock and neem that soften and bring shine to the hair. Suitable for most hair types, we really like them for the summer.

- Thick or Dry Hair

Use the Rosemary & Vanilla Moisturizing shampoo and Honey & Virgin Coconut Restorative Conditioner.This was a bit too heavy for my thin, fine hair and oily scalp in the summer, but was the most popular with those that have thicker hair and / or split ends.

- Problematic Skin Types (Dandruff + Eczema)

The Wild Basil and Rooibos shampoo is the most mildly scented. When a friend used this shampoo, it was as effective as when they used a dandruff shampoo. Wild basil is known for cleansing and the benefits of rooibos are endless, including improving hair condition to promoting faster hair growth and shine. I personally love the smell!

Most people will not use conditioner on their scalp, but if you do, the Burdock and Neem specifically for the balancing of scalp and hair!

- Major Split Ends / After Day At The Beach Or Pool

I use the Honey and Virgin Coconut Restorative Conditioner or this Hair Repair conditioner made with Neem and Virgin coconut oil to repair any damage. The Honey and Virgin Coconut conditioner is great for daily use, and can also be left directly in hair as a mask or leave in conditioner. My sister has bleached hair and doesn’t even bother washing it out!

The Hair Repair conditioner is a heavier solution, and can be used as an overnight hair mask, but should never be left in hair without washing it out. Even with super dry hair, the heavier neem and intense coconut solution weighs down and stiffens the hair as it dries.

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如頭髮乾燥,可以讓有機護髮素或髮膜在頭髮上停留多一陣子,修護髮質。我隔幾天就會用一次 牛蒡及印楝滋潤頭皮護髮素,防止頭髮打結。



我現在梅花間竹地使用 迷迭香青檸洗髮水野生羅勒及南非來寶洗髮水。我會另外每日用 牛蒡及印楝滋潤頭皮護髮素 去處理開叉。不過,對我有效的未必一定適合您,所以要根據髮質選最適合自己的洗髮護髮產品:

- 普通髮質

以香味來說,我最喜歡 迷迭香青檸草洗髮水牛蒡及印楝滋潤頭皮護髮素。洗髮水不單氣味清新怡人,更可溫和去除污垢;而護髮素含牛蒡和印楝,能軟化頭髮,並更添光澤。適合大部分髮質,是我們夏天最愛。

- 豐厚或乾燥頭髮

建議用 迷迭香香草滋潤洗髮水蜂蜜及初榨椰子油修復護髮素。對我這種髮質薄的人來說,夏天用這個可能會有點太膩,但如果髮質較厚或多開叉的則可一試!

- 問題肌膚類型(頭屑 + 濕疹)

野生羅勒及南非來寶洗髮水 香味最為溫和,而且效用媲美去屑洗頭水。野生羅勒向來以潔淨力聞名,而南非來寶的好處多不勝數,由改善髮質以至助長亮麗秀髮。個人來說十分喜歡那道香味!


- 多開叉或曬後頭髮

我會用 蜂蜜及初榨椰子油修復護髮素印楝及初榨椰子油護髮素 去修護受損頭髮。前者可每日使用,亦可直接留在頭髮上一段時間作髮膜或護髮素使用。我妹頭髮曾漂染過,用這個時甚至不會沖洗掉,直接留在髮上。


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