Spring Cleaning


Thoroughly cleaning a household down to the smallest corners, organizing or re-organizing spaces , and throwing away accumulated junk or items no longer in use. Traditionally done in spring time in colder climates.

It’s time for spring cleaning! It’s not really our idea of fun, but it does bring a certain amount of satisfaction. For some, it’s a cathartic task that mentally reset our minds. For those of us with allergies…it brings itching and rash and endless sneezing. To help, here are our best methods to mitigate Spring Cleaning allergies!

Be time effective (the longer you wallow in allergens, the worse it gets)

Here are 3 lessons from expert organizer Marie Kondo’s ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’

1. Visualize your space.
If you want to change it, then visualize it’s change. If you just want to clean it, then plan where you will start and which areas you will tackle next

2. Discard items first,
then sort and tidy them afterwards. ‘Do not even think of putting your things away until you have finished the process of discarding. You can think about where to put things when you’ve finished getting rid of everything you don’t need.’

3. Tidy by category,
not place. For example, books and clothes instead of living room and guest room

Spring Cleaning Tips for Allergy Sufferers

1. Wear a mask and goggles. Consider gloves. - you’ll know it’s effective when you have energy for a selfie

2. Let in fresh air. Assuming you are not allergic to the environment outside

3. Don’t release dust into the air. Use a vacuum or wet cloths instead

4. Clean your drapes and upholstery. This is especially true for blinds or roller shades.

5. Focus on your bedroom. You sleep there for (ideally) 7 hours a day so make it the cleanest space of your house!

Everyday appliances and products that help

1. Get a dehumidifier!
Humidity levels inside the house should be below 50% to keep allergens from growing. Hong Kong’s humidity is no joke so we invested in a Rowenta humidifier. We use it every day for 9 months of the year and love it more than chocolate.

2. Use an air purifier.
A good one can mean the difference between wasting energy on sneezing or getting work done.

We can’t say this is true for all, but our Philips purifier also cools the air. It’s perfect for when it’s too hot for comfort, but too cold to turn on the air conditioner.

Use natural products (ideally both toxin-free and eco-friendly)

This goes beyond simple nose and skin allergies. Over time, exposure to household cleaners with harsh toxic chemicals can disrupt our bodies, contributing to aging and toxin build up.

- Our list when choosing which products to use:

- EFFECTIVE.Natural means nothing if it doesn’t clean.

- Hypoallergenic. Not all that is natural is hypoallergenic

- No chemical irritants or fragrances

- Safe and gentle enough for babies and pets.

- Environmentally friendly. It’s about saving the earth and reversing global warming - but also anything to stop the crazy long, humid summers.

Our favourite is Soapnut Republic , which won the 2015 Natural & Organic Products Asia Awards.Their products use soapnut berry extract as its main ingredient and combines it with plants, minerals, and essential oils ingredients. We overhauled our family’s household with Soapnut, even down to the handwash!

Still not working?

Consider doing extremely thorough cleaning and systematic clearing out of junk little by little over the course of a year rather than in one go. If you plan and schedule it, it’s more manageable and also has the advantage of lowered allergy flare ups.

Whatever tips you choose to employ and whatever season you clean your house, we wish you a happy, allergy free house cleaning!





整理收納大師近藤麻理恵( Marie Kondo)於 《怦然心動的人生整理魔法》中提出三個重點:

1. 形像化您的空間:

2. 先丟棄後整理分類:

3. 依種類,不是依地方來整理:


1. 戴口罩及護眼罩: 可以考慮也戴手套 - you’ll know it’s effective when you have energy for a selfie

2. 開窗讓空氣流通:如果您不會對外面空氣物質敏感的話

3. 小心不要掃起灰塵:可用吸塵機或濕布

4. 清潔窗簾及所有布藝物: 所有窗簾,包括百葉簾亦是

5. 集中清潔睡房: 每日在睡房逗留至少7小時(理想),所以更要保持清潔。


1. 抽濕機

2. 空氣清新機
好的空氣清新機可以省下您不少打噴嚏的力! 我們不知道是否全部也這樣,但我們的 Philips 清新機同時也會製造冷風 。夏天是十分涼快,但冬天時就太冷了。

用天然產品 (最好是不含毒素同時環保)


- 以下是我們選購產品時的準則:

- 有效: 如果沒用的話,自然又如何?

- 低敏性: 天然不一定是低敏性

- 無化學刺激物或氣味

- 安全溫和,適合幼兒及寵物

- 環保: 保護地球、阻止全球暖化,其實就是去停止這種又長又濕的夏天

我們最愛用的Soapnut Republic 曾贏得2015年亞洲天然有機產品獎項,發行的產品均以純天然無患子果實提取物為主要成份,再加入其他植物、礦物質及精油。我們家裡日常多種產品,甚至洗手液,也喜愛用Soapnut!