Spring Cleaning: How to detox your skin?

Bluntly put, the best skin detox is daily usage of organic and natural skincare. Nothing else really beats it as most conventional products put toxins onto your skin and gets absorbed into your body. That being said, here are our picks of products and ingredients to include in your daily cleaning/detox routine!



1. It saves you money. Instead of wasting your sexy new organic cream on layers of dead skin cells, put it on that young, fresh skin underneath just waiting to absorb organic goodness.

2. You’ll look instantly brighter and younger with naturally glowing skin revealed. Exfoliating even gets rid of the dirt in your pores!

3. You need it more as you age. Your skin’s natural exfoliation process slows over time, so it’s best to exfoliate more often as you get older.

What kind should you choose?

- Small, refined organic grains that aren’t rough on your skin. Unlike massages, exfoliators don’t have to hurt to make a difference. 

- Exfoliators without plastic microbeads. These miniscule plastic beads have been banned in the US. They are cheaper than natural exfoliants, used copiously in most scrubs and toothpastes, and harbour a fossil fuel burning chemical byproduct. It’s bad for your skin, gets stuck in your gums and negatively impacts the ocean and its animals. Read here to find out more!

Enjoy home Spa with organic exfoliating body scrub!

Bar Soaps:

For the purpose of skin detoxing (internal and external cleanliness) , bar soap is better because:

1. Less toxins. Bar soaps don’t require stabilizers and emulsifying agents to keep the solution consistent and bacteria and mold from growing. Liquid washes do. Bar soaps on the other hand, are naturally at a pH level that is too high for mold and bacteria to grow on.

2. No loofa needed = less likelihood of bacterial growth and exposure. Bar soaps can have natural exfoliants added to help clean off dirt or exfoliate the body. With liquid soap, loofas are usually washed just free of the lather, then left to hang in a steamy bathroom where it easily accumulates dead skin, dirt, and bacteria that grows in humid, watery environments.

Other reasons bar soaps are better?

1. More moisturizing. Bar soap is made from saponified farts and oils, meaning oils are converted into soap.

2. No preservatives.

3. Less garbage. Bar soaps don’t require plastic packaging

4. Less waste. It’s easier to gauge how much bar soap you need, as opposed to liquid soap, where it’s easy to pump out more than is needed.


What to look for in your skin care products, from bar soaps to serums and moisturizers?

Sea Algae (Seaweed): Rich in detoxifying minerals, algae keeps skin smooth, luminous, and evenly toned.

One of the densest natural mineral sources, algae fights anti-aging, and tones skin. It’s also hydrating, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and chock full of amino acids. It’s best known for reducing and preventing hyperpigmentation, melisma and sun damage.

Want smoother, naturally brighter (not whiter) skin quickly? Serums with high algae extract can help refine skin in as little as 4 to 6 weeks.

Noni Noni is a little known fruit that heals even ultra sensitive skin! Containing powerful healing properties, its anti-inflammatory and histamine inhibition is makes it particularly effective for rash/eczema, burns, acne and sunburns.

This emollient bar is especially helpful in soothing cracked and dry heels and elbows, and can even lend relief to those with psoriasis and eczema.


Antioxidants They play a role in detoxing as they minimize pollution damage (a must for Hong Kong dwellers)! This includes evening out skin discolouration and fighting wrinkles by stimulating collagen and elastin production.

Some great antioxidants are:

-Hyaluronic Acid: Its main function is to keep skin plump, young and bouncy as a baby’s. It also minimizes signs of aging, prevents age spots and reduces inflammation. A naturally occurring compound in skin found in connective tissue in the body, it allows skin to stay hydrated by absorbing and retaining moisture – hyaluronic acid can retain up to 1000 times its weight in water! It also strengthens tissue structure to keep collagen and elastin taut in skin. Although we are born with large amounts of hyaluronic acid (literally, baby smooth), our bodies produce less of it over time. As the amount decreases with age, get products high in hyaluronic acid, where it’s used as a main ingredient for effective results.

- Vitamin C: The original superstar of cellular repair antioxidants. It minimizes pigmentation, increase collagen production and helps skin’s regeneration process, and helps skin fight the negative effects of sunlight exposure.

- Vitamin E: Like Vitamin C, it protects and repairs skin naturally. It can reduce sunburn damage and is also great applied to scars! Tocopherol is the form of Vitamin E to look for in products. Combined with Vitamin C, it works as natural sun protection to prevent cell mutation from UV rays and pollution. Please note though, we really do not recommend foregoing sunblock.

- Vitamin A (retinoic acid): Known to help firm up skin with its ability to help tauten the elastic fibers in our skin, thereby reducing wrinkles.

Myth: it does not make your skin sun sensitive! It’s only the antioxidant itself that is sensitive to sunlight, leading to advice of applying at night. To avoid the dryness or redness that sometimes accompanies retinoic acid, start usage during the summer or transition into it by using it 3 times a week, then slowly increasing frequency. Always apply a moisturizer on top of it.

- Resveratrol: the reason why we say that last glass of red wine was for health purposes! In skincare products, it’s major benefit is its anti-inflammation powers.

For pure, concentrated boost of antioxidants, we recommend powders such as Antioxidant Skin Boost Powder.

It gives a more intense boost of antioxidants as you mix it into the moisturizer at time of use. Your skin literally absorbs its grains overnight! Bonus: you don’t need to replace any of your existing moisturizers or creams.

Don’t forget the small daily ways to ensure clean skin!

Read review: https://ltilhk.com/blogs/blog/76148869-antioxidant-skin-boost-powder

Practical Detox Tips:

- Wash your makeup brushes

- Wash your loofas very thoroughly and hang it to dry outside of the bathroom in a clean, dry area (like you would with laundry) or use bar soap with a draining dish!








1. 省錢又省功夫:與其浪費新的有機乳霜在枯死的死皮上,倒不如全部都敷在死皮下嬌嫩肌膚,讓肌膚能真正吸收有機產品的好成份。

2. 瞬間容光煥發:不但呈現出嬌嫩新生的肌膚,還可洗走毛孔內污垢!

3. 永遠留住青春:年齡增長會減慢皮膚自然排毒的過程,所以年紀愈大更需要勤力去角質層。



不含微膠珠的磨砂膏 – 這種微細膠粒在美國可是違禁成份。微膠珠比能去角質的天然成份便宜,經常用於大部分磨砂膏及牙膏,亦是燒化石燃料用的工業副產品;而且會傷害皮膚、卡於牙齦上,對海洋及動物更是有害無益。想了解更多可看這裡




1. 少毒素:肥皂不需用乳化劑和穩定劑來維持品質及阻止細菌霉菌滋生,與淋浴露相反。而肥皂本身pH度偏高,不會助長任何霉菌細菌。

2. 省下不需用海棉=降低滋生及感染細菌機會:肥皂本身能有效洗走身體污垢,去除角質層。而淋浴露配合海棉使用時,海棉很多時洗完就隨便放在浴室一處,其實上面很容易留有死皮及污垢,再加上濕潤的浴室滋生出來的細菌。


1. 保濕能力好:肥皂由皂化及油製成,即是由油轉化成肥皂;

2. 不含防腐劑;

3. 減少製造垃圾:肥皂不需使用膠樽包裝;

4. 減少浪費:肥皂需要用多少,很容易控制;相反,淋浴露經常都不小心泵太多。



海藻:蘊含豐富礦物質,能幫助排毒,而且令皮膚更嫩滑有光澤,膚色更均勻。 海藻還含有高密度礦物質!能對抗老化及平衡膚色,同時保濕、抗炎抗菌,而且飽含氨基酸,阻止色素色斑凝聚及防止陽光侵蝕。 想皮膚馬上變得水嫩幼滑、明艷照人?含高濃度海藻萃取的精華液能於4至6星期內幫到您!








- 透明質酸: 主要能令皮膚似嬰兒一樣嬌嫩有彈性,亦可減緩皮膚老化、預防老人班及舒緩發炎。

透明質酸是身體結締組織內的皮膚天然複合物,讓皮膚吸引並鎖住水份 – 可以鎖住高達體積大其一千倍的水份!更可加強纖維結構,保留皮膚內的骨膠原及彈性纖維。



- 維他命C : 能自然修護細胞、減淡色素、刺激骨膠原生長、幫助肌膚再生,而且可幫助肌膚對抗太陽光的傷害。


- 維他命E:像維他命C一樣能能自然保護及修護細胞,亦可減輕陽光傷害,甚至治療疤痕!生育醇是維他命E其中一個形態,與維他命C一併使用可以成為天然防曬及阻擋紫外線和污染,絕對值得留意。不過要注意,還是應該要另外使用防曬產品!


- 維他命A (維甲酸): 想減退皺紋、緊緻皮膚、加強皮膚內彈性纖維就要留意產品裡維他命A成份!緊緻皮膚

誤解:維他命A(維甲酸) 不會令您皮膚對陽光敏感!只是維他命A本身會對陽光起反應,所以才會有人說應該晚上使用。要預防使用維他命A後可能出現的乾燥或泛紅,可以夏天時開始使用,或由每星期用三次開始慢慢用得更頻密。記住之後一定要用保濕液。


- 白藜蘆醇:所以我們常說晚上飲一杯紅酒對身體好,其實就正正是因為紅酒當中的成份極具的健康療效!而護膚品內的白藜蘆醇最大功效則是抗炎。 純淨高濃度的抗氧化因子,我們會推介 抗氧化肌膚昇級護膚粉 這種粉末,加入保濕液一併使用時能強效激生抗氧化因子,皮膚可以隔夜吸收精華!而且又可繼續用您現有的保濕液或乳霜。 每天清潔、護膚只要做多一步,就能保持肌膚潔淨無瑕!

試用分享: https://ltilhk.com/blogs/blog/76148869-antioxidant-skin-boost-powder


實用的排毒 Tips:

- 洗淨化妝掃

- 徹底洗淨海棉,掛於浴室外乾淨乾爽的一處上(就似平日晾衣一樣);或者轉用肥皂,找個好的皂碟載著!