Spring is here! The sunshine is back, flowers are blooming…and your allergies are probably back in full force. While you’re spring cleaning your house, why not take it a step further and spring clean your life to help alleviate your allergies? Here are our tried and true methods!




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1. Household

Most people with allergies are sensitive to harsh chemicals and their smells. Detergents as well as cleaners can cause allergies, inflammation, and increased sensitivity. Use natural household cleaning products that don’t irritate your skin or nose. The less chemicals you have to absorb or inhale, the better.





organic skincare sensitive skin hong kong www.ltilhk.com exfoliate face bodyorganic skincare sensitive skin hong kong www.ltilhk.com exfoliate face body


2. Skin and Hair 

Exfoliate and get your glow back!Never underestimate the power of exfoliating – it’s the difference between wasting skincare products on dead skill cells or feeling that moisturizer absorb into your newly smooth skin. If you’re super sensitive, find a gentle and organic exfoliator with small, refined grains. Exfoliators don’t need to be rough or feel like sandpaper on your skin to work!


2. 皮膚及頭髮

去除面部及身體角質層 -重拾光采!不要低估去角質層的威力-與其繼續浪費護膚品去拯救枯死細胞,不如確保您新生肌膚能充分吸收保濕液吧!如您肌膚極度敏感,可選帶有微粒的溫和有機磨砂膏。磨砂膏不一定要像用砂紙般磨面才見效的!


organic skincare sensitive skin hong kong www.ltilhk.com bar soap natural organic 

Switch to bar soaps, and here's why!

o Newest ones are moisturizing and made of natural and organic ingredients.

o Bar soaps don’t need stabilizers to prolong shelf life and prevent germs and mold from growing. Liquid soaps do.

o Bars are light and perfect for travelling, even in our carry on!

o Bars are not more “germy than liquid soap, nor do they spread bacteria when used by multiple people. (tip: use draining soap dish!) 

Want to learn more? See how bar soaps are more cost effective and better for the environment!)


改用潔膚皂 - 我們十分喜愛潔膚皂,原因如下

o 以前的皂就不提了,現在的潔膚皂大多有保濕功效,而且以天然有機的材料而製。

o 沐浴露需要用上乳化劑和穩定劑來延長保質期及阻止細菌、霉菌及其他黏性物質等滋生,而潔膚皂則不需。

o 潔膚皂方便攜帶,旅行時甚至可以放在手提行李內!

o 有人誤傳皂比沐浴露較易惹菌,但其實細菌不會在皂上面滋生,即使多人使用同一塊肥皂時也不會傳播病菌。(或許找個去水能力好的皂碟也許會令您安心一點) 




organic skincare sensitive skin hong kong www.ltilhk.com shampoo conditioner natural 

Reconsider your shampoo/conditioner

Sometimes one of the culprits of allergies is one we rarely consider – our shampoo and conditioner. Like liquid body soaps, hair products contain many preservatives as well as chemicals to encourage “moisture seals” and shiny sheen to our hair. As a result, shampoos and conditioners not only contain ingredients that are harmful to our long term health, but many potential allergens that can cause contact dermatitis in the short term. For healthier alternatives, try organic shampoos or even the no-poo formula!





organic skincare sensitive skin hong kong www.ltilhk.com jujube  

3. Food 

Try these foods to improve your sensitive skin. Unfortunately, it’s not cake, but at least some of them are sweet! For sensitive skin, try adding honey, jujube, enoki mushrooms or carrots to your diet.


3. 食物

試試食用這些食物改善皮膚敏感問題. 可惜,蛋糕不是其中之一,但有一些吃起來還是頗好吃的!例如是蜂蜜、紅棗、金菇或紅蘿蔔,不妨多吃!




organic skincare sensitive skin hong kong www.ltilhk.com rainbow diet 

Eat more greens for a healthy liver this spring

We swear, we’re not just stating the obvious. For years now, the concept of a “rainbow diet” has been advocated for a balance of nutrients. According to this thought from ancestors past, spring corresponds to the green of the woods, which corresponds to our liver. For 4 foods that detox and nourish our liver, try Green bean, Spinach, Asparagus and Macha






organic skincare sensitive skin hong kong www.ltilhk.com stretching 

Tip:To help out those healthy greens cleanse your liver, do a simple exercise. Stretching your bladder meridian can help your body detox!