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For many years, my stance towards wool was don’t wear it! since it made me break out in hives. That is, until I went shopping one day and had to buy this beautiful purple wool dress...
It took me two winters to figure out how to wear it without itchiness (yes, yes, I’m a slave to fashion). :D

So here are my 3 tips for you fashion-loving, sensitive skin sufferers.

Note: I strongly advise people who are really sensitive to wool not to try this. If you are like our other sister Andrea, where even looking at wool makes her itchy, Do Not Try This!




Tip #1: If you’re going to sweat, ditch the wool

Sweat itself already irritates sensitive skin, and moisture on skin makes wool even itchier. So be lazy and don’t exert yourself too much!

Tip #2: Wear a 100% cotton, bamboo or silk undershirt/slip

Most people are actually not allergic to wool itself. It's wool’s coarse, short fibers that prick our sensitive skin, causing the itchiness and rash. The softness of cotton, the long fibers of silk, and antibacterial bamboo fibers is a protective layer between you and wool.

Tip #3: Wear wool in cool, dry environment

My office, like all Hong Kong offices, is freezing 365 days a year, so it’s the perfect climate to wear wool. Something to look forward to on a blah gray weekday!


Tip #1: 容易出汗,就不要穿羊毛了


Tip #2: 穿100%純棉、夾絲或絲質底打底衣物


Tip #3: 於清涼乾爽的地方穿

*Cover photo source: Pete Oxford/Minden Pictures/Getty Images*