Sugar Face: Too much sugar causes wrinkles

Collagen and elastin are two essential proteins for skin health that are destroyed by excessive sugar consumption

The mechanism of protein glycation, also called Millard’s reaction, is the process that occurs when sugar is able to irreversibly degrade the structure of proteins.

If we consider the health of the skin, collagen and elastin play a vital role in keeping it young and radiant. These two proteins are the first to be degraded in the case of excessive consumption of carbohydrates.

When collagen and elastin are degraded by sugar, deep wrinkles appear because the epidermis is directly affected by inappropriate nutrition.

The entire aging process is also accelerated in people who eat a significant amount of carbohydrates or fats.

But how does sugar actually affect skin health?

Sugar attacks these properties that the two proteins provide for skin health: elasticity and strength. As a result, expression lines become increasingly visible, affecting both the appearance and health of the skin.

Millard’s reaction begins at normal blood glucose levels, while the progress of the skin’s aging process begins when sugar consumption becomes higher.

The glycation reaction can be decisive for the skin even when the levels of glucose in the body do not exceed the normal limits. For example, people who suffer from diabetes generally have more degraded skin than those who do not.

As confirmed by scientific studies, the aging process of the skin cannot be interrupted. But it can be slowed down with the help of a healthy diet.

Finally, less sugar, processed foods and fats can make the difference between aesthetics and wrinkled skin.

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Why Glitter Eyeshadows dangerous for the environment

The marine environment is also at risk because of the tricks: some glitter eyeshadows are made with microplastics that end up in the sea and are mistaken for food by the fish.

Some cosmetic products that, especially women, use are dangerous for the environment. It has long been known that some exfoliating products for the face, in fact, are made with tiny plastic beads that do not degrade and that end up in the sea, killing many fish. In 2015 these substances were banned and cosmetic companies no longer use them, but today it turns out that even some of the eyeshadows we use can damage the environment in which we live.

Also in the eyeshadows with the glitter, in fact, there are microplastics which end up in the rivers, lakes and oceans, where they accumulate and then are mistaken for food by fishes and molluscs. It’s a chain that ends up damaging ourselves as smaller fish eat plastic; in turn they are eaten by larger fish that we humans eat and cook. Plastic glitter eyeshadows included.

The problem seems to be in the eyeshadows with the glitter that are made by a process very harmful to the environment. Obviously, this is only a small problem compared to that of plastic waste abandoned on the beaches, but, we know, we start from ourselves to be able to improve and care more for the environment around us.

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Curly-Girl method and ecobio cosmetics

With the Curly Girl method you can bring out your curls perfectly and make them a real eye-catcher. Of course, there are ecobio cosmetics that are perfect for this purpose!

Beautiful, strong and healthy curls are not easy to obtain. Unfortunately, curls tend to dry out and have a frizzy appearance similar to straw. The Curly Girl method is one of the best ways to solve this problem. It consists of an optimal treatment on natural curls, so that they become strong and remain so.

The goal is to get a natural curly hair, without using products with harmful ingredients. A real cure with natural cosmetics!


The Curly Girl method was developed by hairstylist Lorraine Massey in 2001 in her book Curly Girl: “The Handbook”, (although there have been variations before). The book quickly became a bestseller since in the early 2000s the straight hair was dominant.

Who is this method suitable for?

The Curly Girl method is suitable for all people with very thick curls. This type of hair is very sensitive and requires special treatment, but it can also help people with normal hair.

If you adhere to the method (or changes made, which have been adapted to the type of hair and hairstyles), it ensures natural curls with a healthy and natural appearance.

Why stick to this method?

Each person develops a specific routine for their hair over time. But most people don’t think much about caring for their hair. It may happen that the hair care routine used for years unknowingly damages our hair. For people with hedgehogs, this method is a good guide to doing something useful.

Things to avoid

In order for the curls to be really strong and healthy, some things must be avoided, namely:

  • shampoo
  • heat
  • combs and brushes used on dry hair
  • scents
  • sulphates
  • silicones
  • alcohol

5 steps for perfectly defined curls

The Curly Girl method is about taking care of one’s natural curls. In the first place it is necessary to bring back the hair to its natural state and therefore eliminate all the residues of silicones and other chemical products. Don’t worry: at first the hair can be even more fragile and break, because it takes time and patience to build a natural protective layer.

In practice, only three steps must be followed.

  • Washing
    Originally, the shampoo should be completely eliminated and the hair washed only with conditioner so that they can be well hydrated. The conditioner should be gently massaged on the scalp and hair and then rinsed with cold water.
  • Maintenance
    In the next step, a nourishing balm should be used to supply the hair with nutrients. Now the hair can be easily untangled. Important: this step should never be performed on dry hair. Afterwards the conditioner must be rinsed again with cold water.
  • Drying and styling
    As long as the hair is still damp, you can use styling and care products for the scalp, such as smoothing balms, simply by applying them on the hair. 
    To dry, wrap the hair in a shirt, a towel, (if you have dyed hair, use an old towel), or a microfibre cloth. Then let it dry. Alternatively, it is possible to use air-drying items such as hair dryers. Two things are important: never run your fingers through your hair or use the hairdryer on dry hair.

Which products are suitable for the Curly Girl method?

We present below some natural cosmetic products for hair care that are perfectly suited to this method:

Biofficina Toscana Restructuring repairing mask : unique combination of olive oil and extracts of sage, nettle, ivy and co., Perfectly suited for the care of curly hair.

Being a CoW balm with cane sugar and cornflower : this product cleanses the hair without foaming and also acts as a nourishing balm.

Urtekram Nordic Berry balm: this balm moisturizes damaged hair and has a regenerating effect.

UNDICI hair mask 3in1 Domus Olea Toscana : this 3 in 1 hair mask moisturizes the hair, protects it from dehydration and tames unruly hair.

Khadi Alma in powder : perfect as a balm, this powder gives strong and shiny hair.

Styling cream for curly hair Gyada Cosmetics : this styling cream was developed especially for curls and is a really useful product.

Biofficina Toscana lotion for curly hair: it helps in styling and, at the same time, protects the hair from oxidative stress and ambitious damage.

Hands On Veggies Balm for curly hair : for a shine like silk, this organic balm with bamboo extract is the perfect choice.

Urterkram aloe vera spray balm: this balm nourishes and protects the hair in a natural way thanks to the extract of sugar beet and corn starch.

Modeling gel for curly hair : this gel tames the most rebellious curls, gives shine and has an anti-frizz effect.

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Shea butter – gold for the skin

Shea butter is present in many cosmetic products as it has beneficial properties for skin care. Most of the one on the market is still produced by hand in Africa and is much more than just a skin care product.

Shea butter is one of the most effective skin care products. Almost all of us know it but few know its origin. The butter is extracted from the fruit of the vitellaria parodoxa, a plant that grows in the savannas, and worked manually through very laborious processes.

The shea tree grows in tropical Africa, from Senegal to Uganda, which is why this area is called “the belt of butter”. The trees are still part of the wild fauna and the butter obtained, called “women’s gold”, is worked by hand. Considerable effort is required for processing.

How is shea butter produced?

The process is very long. First of all, the fruits are harvested by hand and they are deprived of the stones that are subsequently dried in the sun after roasting or fumigation. Later they will be crushed, ground and water will be added until a sort of thick paste is obtained.

The stones, depending on the roasting time, can give the butter a color ranging from white to yellow to black.

The paste obtained is boiled so that the water present evaporates. This mixture is filtered in cotton cloths, cooled and followed by a refined, bleached and deprived of the smell before being exported.

Effects of shea butter

The characteristics and therapeutic properties of shea butter have been known for millennia. They include:

  • ideal hydration for irritated and reddened skin
  • soothing effect
  • smoothing effect on the skin
  • ideal for allergic skin

In Africa, shea butter is not only used for skin care. The tree and its products accompany the African people from birth to death. All parts of the tree are used: leaves, fruits, resin, bark, etc. For example, the resin is used as a natural adhesive or for repairing cracks in walls, like chewing gum and in traditional African medicine. It is therefore a very versatile plant that still represents a sustenance for African populations.

Regional support

Today, many manufacturers of natural cosmetics that support women’s cooperatives in Shea Belt. One of them is Butterfly, for example . The Swiss company supports cooperatives in Burkina Faso, donating part of its revenues to projects aimed at improving the living conditions of local populations, such as the construction of wells or grain mills.

Lip balm

Pure shea butter is a real boon for all those who appreciate homemade natural cosmetics. Butter is an ideal base for a variety of ointments and conditioners for cracked and dry skin care.

In winter, the lips are exposed to adverse conditions and therefore a rich treatment is very important. Below we offer a recipe to produce a 100% natural lip balm!


  • 7 g shea butter
  • 3 g jojoba oil
  • 2 g of sea buckthorn oil
  • 1 drops of essential lemon balm oil (10%)


  1. Place the jojoba oil in a glass and gently heat in a bain-marie.
  2. Add the shea butter and let it melt. Note: the butter should not be too hot. If necessary, mix regularly.
  3. When everything is well mixed, let it cool
  4. Add the sea buckthorn oil and a drop of Melissa essential oil. Mix well.
  5. Pour the mixture into a crucible and leave to cool.
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Essential oils in DIY cosmetics

Essential oils are not used exclusively in the production of perfumes. Highly effective essences can also be used in cosmetics, where they guarantee precious nutrients to the skin. But be careful: pure oils should never be applied directly to the skin and not all essential oils are suitable for this purpose!

Why use essential oils in cosmetics?

Essential oils are mainly used in natural cosmetics because they have antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and are therefore perfect natural preservatives. They are also beneficial for the human body. If you want to produce “do-it-yourself” cosmetics with the use of essential oils, be sure to pay close attention to their quality. Only completely pure oils have the effects described above. Some, instead, could cause allergies or irritate the skin.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are highly active substances that should always be used with caution. There are different oils on the market with different effects. The scent of essences acts on the limbic system of the brain, where emotions are processed. As a result, some oils also affect mood.

Single molecules pass through the skin and penetrate into the bloodstream, where they integrate into cell membranes and interfere with certain processes in the body. Therefore, some molecules can promote the formation of new cells and metabolic processes.

How to mix them?

Never let essential oils come into contact with mucous membranes or eyes, the application of pure oils on the skin should always be avoided. If you are preparing cosmetics, always use gloves and glasses and remember that the concentration of essential oils in the creams should not exceed 0.5%.

In some cases, pure oils may cause strong reactions. For example, the subjects mentioned below should avoid using them:

  • epileptics
  • pregnant women
  • babies and children
  • elderly and / or debilitated people
  • hypertensive
  • allergic subjects

If you want to use essential oils, you should always consult your doctor.

Which oils are suitable and for what?

Here is a (not completely exhaustive) list of essential oils, which are generally well tolerated and have a low potential for irritation. However, individual allergic reactions are possible. Please always ask a doctor or the manufacturer for information before using the oils in cosmetic products.

applicationsuitable oils
normal skinlavender
geranium rose
oily and mixed skincistus
geranium rose
impure and acneic skinmanuka
tea tree
dry or mature skincarrot seeds
geranium rose
irritated skinbenzoin of Siam
geranium rose
a thousand leaves
celluliteblood orange
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Organic and natural makeup: the best lines to try out

Discover the natural and organic make-up products among the most prestigious brands, selected for you.

The lines of organic, natural and mineral make-up of the latest generation allow you to create a makeup based on ingredients completely safe, effective and delicate with the skin without sacrificing color, texture or durability.

We have selected for you the best of the brands that offer complete collections for make-up, free of harmful substances and rich in vegetable or mineral extracts that improve the quality of the epidermis day after day, with each application.

Discover all the best of organic and natural makeup.

Kjaer Weis from The Beautyaholic’s Shop – Technologically advanced and completely natural performing formulas. Among the products we prefer: Lip Tint, a light shade for lips based on Alba wax and shea butter, Cream Blush to color the cheeks giving delicate iridescent glow. The long-lasting strengthening Mascara, Eye Shadow in 12 shades with a silky finish and the Lipstick infused with precious botanical ingredients, such as Jojoba oil and Shea Butter, which are activated with the warmth of the lips.

Neve Cosmetics Make Up – Independent Italian cosmetic house. We report The Blushissimi Palette, which contains 10 multi-purpose colors and free mineral powder blushes. Nascondino Concealer is a cream concealer (available in wafer and pencil). The Dessert à Lèvres lipstick in 12 colors has a soft consistency thanks to the formula enriched with Shea butter that nourishes and protects the lips.  

Mineral MakeUp by Lili Lolo – A complete collection for make-up made in England. We’re big fans of the  Laid Bare Eye Palette Limited Edition with 8 eye shadows to create nude looks for the day or intense looks for the evening. The  Blush minerals are excellent, in 13 shades. Do not miss the award-winning  Mineral Foundation and the Natural Lipstick,  a creamy lipstick enriched with Vitamin E, extracts of rosemary, Jojoba oil and beeswax.

RMS Beauty from The Beautyaholic’s Shop – The 100% natural make-up line loved by Gisele Bundchen, Miranda Kerr and Doutzen Kroes. Characterized by the iconic cream pods, light, blendable, modular and easy to use, it includes a range of products and colors that includes the now famous “a” Cover up, Living Luminizer, Buriti Bronzer, Lip2Cheek, LipShine and Eye Polish.

Ere Perez Make Up Collection – Australian make-up brand. Among the best sellers, the Natural Almond Oil Mascara, a rimmel with a glossy finish rich in almond oil that moisturizes and cares for the eyelashes and Pure Rice Powder in the Bronze Tones or Bondi Blush, which delicately sculpt coloring the cheekbones, cheeks and contours of the face. The7-color Rich Olive Oil Lipstick is also excellent, adding a delicate touch of color to the lips while deeply moisturizing them. Finally the Natural Almond Oil Brow Pencil, for defined eyebrows always in order, with an extremely natural look.

Ilia Beauty by The Beautyaholic’s Shop – The most iconic products are butters for treating lips, such as  Balmy Days Lip Conditioner and the mirco-enriched exfoliant with granules ofBalmy Night Lip Exfoliator volcanic powder, precursors of colored lip balms in 14 brilliant nuances and seductive. Equally famous are the illuminating sticks, such as  Polka Dots & Moonbeams or  Cosmic Dancer and Sway Illuminator. Among the newest products, our favorites are the moisturizing pencil eyeliner with retractable Shadowplay lead , the Macao Mascara in a coppery nuance to brighten the look free of artificial preservatives or phenoxyethanol, the Vivid Foundation foundation  with a covering and illuminating formula ideal for sensitive skin, with 
aloe, coconut oil, arnica and green tea extract to calm inflammation. And finally the vibrant super-moisturizing long-lasting lipsticks or Lipstick Crayon lip pencils enriched with Sesame, Rosa Canina and Papaya oils.

100% Pure Make Up Collection – We recommend the hyper pigmented Long Last Liquid Eye Liner with an ultra-thin brush that allows precise and modular lines to be traced. The Fruit Pigmented Lip & Cheek Stain is a lip stain versatile based on pigments of fruits and water resistant. The Natural Lipstick is very colorful and extremely resistant, available in 11 shades. The Fruit Pigmented Sex Kitten Palette, enriched with iridescent colors, offers seductive colors for a deep and ultra-feminine look, enriched with antioxidant extracts that are a concentrate of vitamins.

Color Cosmetics Collection by Lavera Do – not miss the 2-in-1 Compact Foundation in cream with medium-strong opacity that gives an extraordinary velvety finish thanks to the powder powder content. The Natural Liquid Foundation, of medium coverage, is a silky fluid with argan oil and biological liposomes. The Illuminating Eyeshadow Quattr o, to be used dry or wet, is a quad of illuminating eye shadows perfectly adaptable to create new nuances and metallic flashes, based on mineral pigments. Finally Front Row Curl Mascara , a rimmel with a semi-liquid formula that curves and makes the lashes elastic and hydrated thanks to Ficus elastica extracts.

Almost all lines include products to create a perfect base, exquisitely moisturized and colored lips, deep look and plays of light on the volumes.

The new formulations use natural ingredients extracted and treated with the most advanced technologies to ensure professional, make-up artist-proof results. In fact, many of their founders are internationally renowned makeup artists, such as Kristen Kajer Weis of the brand of the same name or RMS of Rose Marie Swift.

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Why organic beauty products are better?

Why choose ecobio cosmetics?
You’re 100% natural. Why “nourish” your skin with silicones and parabens?

The truth is that choosing bio cosmetics is not a fashion. Not for those who have experienced the difference

Choosing natural cosmetics means becoming aware of what is really good for the skin. But not only that.

In our opinion, there are at least 5 reasons for using organic products. Ready to discover them?

1 – Skin absorbs kilograms of cosmetics per year

Our skin is waterproof. However, it allows up to 60% of the substances we put on the surface to penetrate. Do you know that it absorbs over two kilos of cosmetics per year? That’s why choosing non-threatening products is crucial.

The dangers to health, linked to the use of emulsifiers or preservatives derived from petrochemicals, are proven by scientific studies. For example, some compounds such as paraffin, vaseline or dimethicone are accused of being carcinogenic.

They can also interfere with endocrine function. In addition to not bringing any benefit to our skin, except to plug the pores, preventing it from breathing and generating blackheads.

2 – Natural cosmetics are safe and more effective

Organic cosmetics have (at least) a certification. Formulas are subject to strict controls to assess the concentration of active ingredients and the nature of the preservatives.

The certification bodies impose serious and strict protocols to protect our safety. An organic product, depending on the certification it obtains, contains at least 95% natural ingredients. Of these, at least 20% from organic farming.

Of course, no GMOs, silicones, petrolatum, etc. are allowed. If a product is certified you can trust it. There are also many brands. But if a cosmetic is certified, it has certainly reached high standards.

3 – Organic products are not aggressive and let the skin breathe

Rarely does an organic cosmetic cause allergies. But if it does cause allergies, you may be allergic to a natural substance it contains.

For example, in the Smart line of Màdara Cosmetics there is musk; used to retain moisture in the skin. But if you have any sensitivity to this element, the whole Smart line is not for you.

Organic cosmetics don’t hurt. Aggressive chemicals, on the other hand, can cause annoying irritation. Not to mention problems such as enlarged pores and blackheads, which come precisely because the skin does not breathe. If you want to know more, read: What does a cosmetic contain?

4 – Ecobio cosmetics are biodegradable and recyclable packaging

We can no longer neglect the environmental impact of our choices. In organic cosmetic products, the fat and active phases are composed of vegetable oils and natural extracts. All of them are biodegradable.

The packaging is also entirely recycled or recyclable. Once a substance ends up in the drain, we stop worrying about it. Purifiers do what they can, but what is not biodegradable will sooner or later return to what we consume.

5 – The choice of cosmetics is not just a matter of skin

Let’s face it. A cosmetic does not only take care of the aesthetic aspect. It also takes care of our self-esteem, as well as the image we give of ourselves.

It makes us feel better, more tidy, cared for and beautiful. We do not only take care of our beauty, but also of our well-being.

Being aware that we are doing this in a conscientious way makes us feel better and makes our gestures even more special.

Why choose organic cosmetics: your experience

I’ve been using organic cosmetics for about a couple of years. I am amazed by the change I noticed on my skin. Plus, I’m more aware of what I buy. And you, do you use bio cosmetics? What do you think of this choice? Write your experience to me in the comments!

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Homemade facial cleaning

As much as you can have a daily facial care routine, made of cleanser, toner and cream, using products that suit your skin type, time of day and season, sometimes the skin needs something extra. A more thorough wash, a mask, a deeper cleansing. You can rely on experts or you can do it yourself at home. With one exception: if you are going to remove blackheads and blackheads, rely only on professionals (unless you are yourself), because otherwise, you run the risk of creating infections, spots and unsightly scars.

Returning to the home-made facial cleansing, here are the necessary steps, which we will see in detail, to obtain a smooth, soft and deeply clean skin:

  • steam treatment
  • deep cleansing
  • oil treatment with massage
  • scrub
  • guise
  • tonic and cream

To make sure that the homemade facial cleansing is a moment of pampering for yourself, make sure you have plenty of time and do not have to leave the house immediately finished everything: the skin will remain for a while ‘very delicate and reactive.

Start with the steam treatment. Simply boil some water (use a kettle if you want to do it first), place the pot on a pot holder and bend over it with your head covered with a large towel. If you wish, you can add some essential oil and thus add a little aromatherapy. To ensure that the skin softens sufficiently and the pores really dilate, stay at least 15 minutes under the towel, 20 is ideal. You might find it useful to keep some paper towels handy, the steam could also help you to uncork the nose!

After this treatment you can wash your face with warm water so as not to lose the benefits of steam, using your usual favorite products and insisting especially in areas with more imperfections and impurities. If your skin is particularly oily or you think it needs it and can withstand it, you could wash your face normally before the steam, and then deeper after, in this way the first wash will take away the usual amount of impurities, while the second will clean more deeply exploiting the dilating effect of the steam.

At this point you can switch to a massage with oil. Choose an oil that is suitable for your skin, such as grape seed, coconut or jojoba oil. Almond oil may also be good, but it is heavier than other oils. Or you might want to use Indian oil, particularly suitable for removing blackheads.

In the first case, with circular movements and using only your fingertips, massage an amount of oil equal to a teaspoonful of coffee, until you feel the skin tickle, or until you feel warm. The movement goes from the bottom to the top, then from the neck to the forehead, and from the center to the outside, then from the nose to the temples. Try to avoid the eye area, as it is more delicate and sensitive.

When you are finished, remove the excess oil with a cotton pad or wash basin (microfibre or bamboo) and wash your face quickly to remove the excess oil. In the second case, if you want to use Indian oil, here is how to proceed: massage the oil as described above, remove the excess with a cotton pad. Repeat this procedure until the cotton pad is clean (usually 3 to 5 applications).

After each treatment with oil, even if you have removed the excess with cotton or other, it is still important to wash the face again: the oil could clog the pores and generate new blackheads and blackheads, in the long run, and this is the opposite of what you want to achieve with a facial cleansing!

At this point you can switch to a scrub, whether you bought it at the store or decided to do it at home. The recipes are many depending on the skin types.
One of my favorites, to use in these cases where the skin is subjected to many treatments all together, is a simple scrub of rosewater and sugar.
The quantities go “by the eye”: mix a teaspoon of each ingredient until you have a grainy batter, always to be passed in circular movements on the face, always avoiding the eye area.

Rinse with warm water and now you are ready for a face mask. Here, too, there are many possibilities, both those on the market and the DIY recipes to meet every skin type and every need. A simple, moisturizing, purifying and restorative, to do at home is based on kaolin (or white clay, more delicate than green clay) as a purifying ingredient, honey as an antibacterial and emollient ingredient, yogurt as a moisturizing and restorative ingredient. Mix all together, one teaspoon per ingredient should be enough.
With the back of the teaspoon you can spread the mixture over the entire face, hold on for 15/20 minutes and then rinse with fresh water.

Finish it all with your usual tonic, in this way you will have respected, although lengthening and widening them a lot, the so-called “three biophases”, or a way of treating the face using first a vegetable oil, able to dissolve sebum and impurities in a gentle way (with the added benefits of a vegetable oil, This is followed by soap to remove the oil and what it has incorporated, without being too aggressive on the skin, and finally a tonic that has the important task of closing the pores and restoring the acidic pH of the skin. Finally, if you feel the need, you can apply your favorite face cream.

And that’s it, at this point, your skin should be smooth, soft and thoroughly cleansed. A little redness is normal, but only you really know your skin so try to use the products best suited to your skin type and if during any of the treatments you feel uncomfortable, stop and let the skin rest.

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